Things I Have Learned at Northern Navajo Medical Center

• You can give 50 mcg Misoprostol q 2 hrs or 100 mcg q 4 hrs PO to induce labor.

• If you adjust the hight of the bed or the light a baby can be on a bili blanket and under bili lights breastfeeding in side lying position all night.

• Meconium can be used to clear the mask of pregnancy.

• All people have something in common.

• There is such a thing as active management of the 3rd stage of labor. This is done by starting your LR with 20 pit bolus as soon as the anterior shoulder is delivered. It seems to work in preventing post partum hemmorage although it seems like overkill. I would like to see the research on it.

• Ursidiol-a new medication for me is to treat the itching associated with Choliostasis.

• Boy the Native American women can precip multip or not.

• This population sees a drastically increased rate of diabetes and chronic hypertension.

• Some people in the US still live without electricity or indoor plumbing.


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