Memorial Day

I’m so glad for a day off.  At work our unit just moved in the middle of the week, so we are all relearning where everything is, and hunting for things that have somehow been misplaced like the Doppler and bio static gel.  Also, the lights have not yet been installed on the new unit, so we have been doing repairs by flashlight.  Thank goodness the providers have been aware and patient with the mostly controlled chaos, but all the same it has been exhausting. Chad had a special breakfast planned and we talked a lot about the meaning of Memorial Day over breakfast.  I look at pictures of all these young soldiers who have given there lives that flood FaceBook on Memorial Day, and I can’t even comprehend the sacrifice that not only they, but their wives, their parents, and their kids have made to protect our country and freedom.
After a morning of rest we headed out to check out the river, parks, and greenbelt that Chad and the kids discovered this weekend.  It was awesome!  A cool breeze, nowhere to be and the rest of the day to squander.

















We played by the river for a good two hours, and then made our way slowly to Berg park, where there is a splash pad and a whole bunch of play equipment that resembles gym equipment.  The kids had a blast.  Chad went back for the car, picked up some dinner and we continued to play until a quarter past seven.  While we played by the river Chad carved a spoon for me out of a stick.  It is so light and cool!  I think I’m going to add it to my backpacking stuff.

Thank you God for a slow relaxing day to enjoy the amazing-ness you have created in the form of inquisitive energetic kids and loving husband.

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