Cross Roads Community Church

We had done a little research before leaving Salem to see what churches would be available here in Farmington and had narrowed it down to two that looked and sounded good.  We decided that whichever one was closest to our apartment would be the one we would go with.  With only three months here we did not want to be church hopping that wouldn’t give the kids any time to make friends.
Bible study for all ages started at 0900, with church service to follow.  Crystal at the guest services counter was very nice and showed us where the kids classes were and gave us a neat little gift pack with two free coffee coupons and a mug in it.  Bible study was good although it wasn’t until mid bible study when Eve could not contain her volume that I discovered that the reason there was no one in the three to four class was because 0-4 was all in the nursery during Bible study.  With her happily playing in “her class” I was able to catch the last bit of the Bible study class.  The children’s pastor and youth pastor both made a point of saying hi, welcome, and introducing themselves.  Everyone was very friendly and shaking our hands.  Now I just hope their names stick in my head until next week.  As we were leaving Chad was exclaiming how familiar the pastor looked when suddenly he realized where he had seen him before.  He was the first pastoral candidate we invited when we were looking for a new pastor a while back at Salem First Church of the Nazarene. How crazy is that to end up at his church.
After church I had a few more competencies to finish up…there is a lot of information in this whole baby friendly healthcare initiative.  As we were waiting for those to print we drive around town and discovered 4 Sonics, a Fuddruckers, Natural grocers, and the community pool that looks similar to the crock center but a little older.
Now for getting mentally prepared for tomorrow.  Let the games (first impressions and everything else that happens on your first week of a new job) begin.





The stop lights are all sideways here and Cyrus those horses are for you!
Lots of love

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