In Our New Place

Well we now have a street address for those requesting our address but no way to get mail.  It will be another few days before we can get in and get a P.O. Box set up.  This is our new town house

It may not look like much but the kids think it is he best apartment in the whole world because it has stairs and a “slide” which is really just a flatter wider hand rail.  It is comfortable and less snug than we had imagined so we are all very glad about that.  We were quick to start a load of laundry which if you had smelled our travel clothes you would have all agreed was a priority, and that led to a very exciting discovery that the drain tube was not hooked up right.  We quickly gathered up every towel in the place to clean up our mini flood.

And a second priority load.  The kids had a fun time unpacking their vacuum bags and filling the dresser.  But have been a little less excited about the 9+ hrs I have spent doing competencies so far today (only 10 left).  They watched a movie upstairs with daddy so I wouldn’t be distracted so easily.

We have picked a church out that is a little over a mile away and are excited to possibly meet some new people tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “In Our New Place

  1. Are the competencies the way you’re applying for future assignments? Glad you got an apartment that meets your needs/ makes everyone happy (about something). Love you lots, and so happy for you. You definitely ‘need’ to get back to Moab, and Mesa Verde…

    • Competencies are just tests to prove that you know the rules of HIPPA, how to uses MSDS’s, what to do in case of fire, maintain a workplace free of harassment, uses ergonomics to prevent physical injury, and more.

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