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Getting us all in one room and our house ready for roommates.


  1. Take down Caleb’s big loft bed
  2. Triple bunks in Caleb’s room in closet
  3. Empty Girls room/sort all kids stuff
  4. Move our bed in/sort our stuff
  5. Sort the garage/purge/ get down to 1 shelf

Still working on phase 4&5 but almost done.

Next: Big Hoorah at Great Wolf Lodge


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State Licenses and a Quick Trip to Cali

Chad has always been a good husband and father, but now he is proving to me a good manager of my craziness. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without him!  It turns out that getting licensed in other states can be quite an involved and at times overwhelming process.  The two states we are currently trying to get licenses in are Washington and California.  It appears that a large percentage of L&D travel nurse jobs are in CA so it is more for insurance purposes that we are getting it rather than a  desire to go there first. The kids and Grandma and Grandpa as well as a scheduled mission trip to Honduras for Chad in June have led us to look for assignments that are within a 4 hour drive from Salem to start us off.  We do not know what doors will open and so we could end up anywhere. In an attempt to get our CA licenses as promptly as possible we made a quick trip to CA and in the nature of our big trip we took the kids and mixed in some fun too.

We went all the way to Sacramento so we could see family as well.

The kids love their Aunt Liz & Uncle Al, Thanks for hosting us.


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