A Summary of Our Time in New Mexico

Chad and I were talking a few days ago about what we have liked most about our time in New Mexico.  Chad was quick to list off the three things he has liked most.  The sheer number of National Parks with in driving distance has provided so many “free”(with the America the Beautiful pass) learning experiences for all of us.  Camping at Lake Vallecito was just the medicine we needed, such a beautiful view of the calm serene lake mixed with the family time as we enjoyed our visit with Suzanne, Jeremy, Cyrus, Hadassah, and Elijah doing one of our favorite family activities, camping.  Also, Chad’s Birthday trip on the Narrow Gauge Railroad from Durango to Silverton finished off with a return trip to Silverton for Father’s Day that included a long Sunday drive taking in the beauty of the Colorado Mountains as we drove up the seldom traveled gravel roads above Silverton.  I completely agree with Chad, the sights, family time, learning experiences have been priceless, however I have quite enjoyed forced morning walks with Myra ( no back yard for those natural body functions).  They allowed me time to put on my Armor and some quiet alone time with God as well as making Myra into quite an enjoyable walking buddy.  The many conversations and opportunities to connect with my coworkers, learning about them and the Navajo people/culture, working along side them, loving them, their patients, and providers.  I have been so blessed by the people here and the connections we have made.  I don’t think I expected to get so attached to my new unit, or for it to be so hard to say goodbye.  May this time have served it’s purpose in the lives we have come in contact with as well as in our lives.

Caleb’s favorite thing we have done while here was seeing Carlsbad Caverns, Hannah’s was White Sands, Eve has loved the nursery workers at church and when her cousins came to visit although she told a lady at Big Rock Trading Post today that Cyrus hit her. It is always crazy what they remember and find to be the best part.


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