KCHC & Kodiak Harbor

I was really impressed with the Kodiak Community Health Clinic today.  My company had told me that I needed an updated physical that states specifically that I am healthy and fit for work with out any limitations or restrictions, and I needed an update on my titers incase I get into grad school.  I was able to kill both birds with one stone. Thank you to the nurses upstairs who recommended KCHC.  The phlebotomist was new and maybe still in training.  She was missing some confidence.  And when she didn’t get me (I have good veins) with the second stick I asked her to leave the needle in and ask her partner for help.  She was close to the vein but wasn’t getting it and was going to pull out the needle and try again in another place.  Her parter was able to come behind her and slip it into the vein without an additional poke.  I had the first girl sweating and I did feel bad for that.  I’m good with being practiced on by students but maybe not for three pokes especially when she was so close to getting it.  

We finished there just in time for me to pick up Chad and the kids.  They dropped me off at Harborside for coffee with the church ladies and headed to toe library to refresh their book stash as has become our Wednesday routine.  After coffee we dropped the books off at the house and headed out to take advantage of the 72 degree weather that was so hot!  We decided on a walk through the boats in the harbor on near island.  We loved looking at all the boats.  A lot of people live in their boats, and Eve stopped and talked to anyone she passed.  She asked questions about their boats and what they were doing.  Everyone was nice and engaging, patiently answering her questions, seeming to enjoy her interest. 

We liked the name of this boat and found out later that we knew the owner. Yay! So cool. As we walked done one of the docks we saw a familier face working on one of the boats.  It was Richard from church.  He grew up in Oregon and still spends a lot of his off season there.  He was smiling and talking to us before we even realized who we were talking to.  He showed us around his boat/home the kids were just eating it up.  It was so interesting, they are working on a documentary and have a passion for educating the public on fishing and the fishing culture here in Alaska.  We have so much to learn we don’t really know anything about commercial fishing.  I believe h said his boat is a Sanger boat.  We are learning about which boats do what kind of fishing.  His crew doesn’t fly in for another two weeks so it is just him and his wife working on their documentary project and getting the boat ready for the season.  Here is a few pictures from our visit with them. 
It was such a fun surprise.  We finished walking through the rest of the boats in that pier then returned to their boat and invited them over for dinner some night. Eve was quite disappointed when they didn’t show up for dinner tonight.  But before we had even made it back to the house we had set up dinner plans for tomorrow.  

After dinner Hannah and I went out for a walk to see how long it would take to get to the hospital from our apartment.  To see if it would be feasible for me to walk to work.  Even walking this is one of the shortest commutes I have had in the last 2.5 years.  On the way home Hannah discovered the salmon berries along the path.  She kept scootering ahead of me, then stopping to pick berries until I was a little ways past her.  Then she would pass me and do the same thing all over again. 
I’m so glad we bought that $2 scooter from St. Mary’s thrift store. It has already earned it’s keep. 

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