Kodiak Church of the Nazarene

We discussed back and forth wether to go to the Assembly of God or the Nazarene church.  As tired as we were and as slow as we got going this morning the decision came down to which service started the latest.  At 11:00am, the Church of the Nazarene ended up being the choice.  Generally once we go to one church we don’t hop around we finish out the assignment at that same church.  Well we will never know what we are missing at the AG church, but we’re happy with Kodiak Church of the Nazarene.  The people were very welcoming and very curious about what we were doing in Kodiak.  Eve asked the man who held the door open for us if there was children’s church and he assured her there was.  We found a seat and soon everyone was coming by to introduce themselves. I wish I could say I remember everyone’s names but I do remember a few of them at least.  It is a smaller church but not as small as we thought it might be.  We have found while traveling that smaller churches allow us to get to know the people better and it fosters more friendships.  We were not the only Oregonians there which was also fun.  A couple was there from Baker and another homeschooling family with six kids who have one of their grown children who lives in Astoria were they had recently visited them.  And, the Pastor also used to live in Oregon.  Several people gave us their contact information incase we need anything or have questions.  We are hopeful that we will enjoy the fellowship here. We drove up the hill near the church to check out the view after service as was recommended.  The view was amazing. Work will start tomorrow, I’m ready as I will ever be.  I wish I could say I am excited for it.  I’m not anxious or stressed, I am just not looking forward to how much emotional energy is required to get reestablished and settled into another assignment.  Here’s to the next three months of discovering why God has opened this door for us. 

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