House Wide New Employee Orientation

I think my recruiter was slightly concerned when I told her I was on orientation this week.  I could hear her thinking “really, like what is wrong with you.  You are almost a month into this assignment.”  Now she is way too nice and would not actually say that to me, but I’m sure that her mind went there.  

No, although it hasn’t been a completely smooth first month.  We have now been here a month.  We missed the house wide new employee orientation by a few days last month so we had to wait a month and do it now even though I have already been working on the floor for three weeks.  I did love the personal growth and quality improvement focus of orientation.  It encouraged me to make assignment goals.  Everyone one can improve their quality of care/performance.  I’m all for that and I’m kind of sad that I didn’t start making job focused assignment goals with my very first assignment.  I was at first focused on learning as much as possible, keeping a list of the things that I learned at each assignment so to an extent that was an assignment goal.  I would like to turn my attention at this time to being a more proficient charter, and making sure that every single piece of my admission paperwork/checklist/assessment in both required charting systems is correctly and completely done on each patient. Also, I could always be more efficient.  I only want to be more efficient at the paperwork, I definately do not want to decrease the time I spend at the bedside of my patients. 

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