Honduras 2016

Due to weather conditions I did not make it to Honduras until three days after the rest of my group.  I tried to be conscious of the group and how they had already been working because in these groups dynamics are often established in the first hours and days that carry the group through the week.  Everyone knows their rolls and the things that have to be done and we anticipate each other so things flow easily.  The sum of us adding up to more than it’s individual parts.  

Below are the photos from Wednesday’s clinic.  We had visited this same church two years ago so it was fun to see a few familiar  faces.  It was very hot and sunny, we saw around 170 people. 

  These two asked for their picture to be taken.  Below Ron playing with the kiddos  coloring and doing magic tricks.  Their favorite was when he turned a newspaper strip into a 20 lempira bill then back again.  
  The last group leaving the pharmacy. Below: when this little girl and her family came through our station she asked if she could sing a song to me then she leaned in as to whisper in my ear and sang “His Banner Over Me His Love” such a sweet heart.    
    Loading everything back up in the vans to go back to the Campamento. Below a little tienda on wheels that someone parked right out in front of the church. 
  We may look at this picture and see poverty, but why are possessions so important to us.  We have way more than we need.  Often all our unnecessary things just get in the way of putting our trust fully in Christ.  
 The Campamento, getting ready for Thursday’s clinic also in a church we visited last time.  Efrainsito helping us unload the vans.  He and his whole family manage the Canpamento and assist the mission teams that come through their facility.  It is a big job.    
  Ron loving on the kids.  
  Gisselle and Samara both local to Honduras, willing to assist their help with interpreting.  Gisselle helped me and Samara who is a medical student in Honduras took histories also making us a pretty efficient team.  Really they could have done it with out me, but I appreciate how they included me and taught me new Spanish words.   
    Heart sisters. 

    Two kids who were friends from the last visit.  They hung out with us all day. 
Friday: final clinic…we saw 259 people. 

 It seemed like we had more time at the nurses station for each family as the groups were big and so they needed more of the Dr.’s time causing a bottle neck. This allowed me more time to play with the kids.  The favorite two toys of the day were the stethoscope and the BP cuff.

    These two girls were learning how to take my bloodpressure.  They were so cute. 

A priceless face from Jameson.  He was our group chef and Ron’s right hand man with the kids.  The kids are all gathered around talking to Papa Noel and Mary Beth.   
   This picture is the normal sight in the middle of the streets.  There is litter everywhere and a lot of scrawny dogs as well.  
I didn’t take very many pictures this time as we were busy and my number of days was short.  The group saw 918 people over the 5 days of clinics.  I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to love on these people this week, and know that they have also ministered to me.  God is amazing in the way that he works.  He doesn’t need me to do his work, he has allowed me to be apart of it.  

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