To Laguardia and Beyond

I must be enjoying being shut up in our apartment.  Both Chad and I slept in until almost 9:00am.  The kids had some breakfast and then headed outside to play with their friends who must have had their schools closed still due to the snow. They were out from 9:30-1:30.  We kept peeking out the window to check on them and watching them sled down the little hill between the apartments.  They were having a blast.  So much so that we decided not to call them in for lunch, we would feed them whenever they came in of their own accord.  Hannah ended up being the first one to show her face and that was only because she thought she had heard us calling them.  It was nearly 2:00pm and we had planned to leave for the airport at 3:00pm so at that point we had her round up the rest of the troops for lunch and to change into dry clothes.  That was when we discovered that Eve had been out in the snow in her church shoes with no socks for 4+ hours! Crazy girl, her feet were a little red but she seemed no worse off for the wear.  I pulled things out of my bag that I would no longer need and changed out of my pajamas.  We had recleaned the house while the kids were out, planned our route back west and contacted the people we hope to see on the the way.  It was a relaxed and productive day.  In some way it was wierd at that point to step out of our neighborhood and into the airport fast lane.  Only one leg of my flight was today Richmond to Laguardia.  Now for a long overnight layover (but not long enough to get a hotel).  Good thing I am practiced up at pulling all nighters. 

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