Pictures from my visit to San Diego in December for my Grandma Lawhead’s funeral

There are hundreds of pictures from the funeral that I could look through for hours.  I am posting a few of them that I have saved all though they are all worth posting.   I would like to think we took advantage of all the time we were given to spend with Grandma, but it doesn’t mean I don’t wish we could have just a little bit more time.   
  Grandma and Grandpa’s wedding photo, 50th anniversary photo, and 65th anniversary photo all taken in the same place.  The last picture taken about a week and a half before grandma passed away.  The funeral was held on their 65th anniversary.  
I took a few photos of the yard at their house.  I remember that the yard at my Grandma and Grandpa Sherman’s house has never ever been even close to how I remember it.  So I wanted to capture it as it was so I could remember it better. 
  Going out for breakfast the morning of the funeral.  
  Lynn making spring rolls for the funeral.  
Grandma and Grandpa liked to invite new people from church over for banana splits.  We celebrated her life with banana splits. 


  Picking up the urn… Chillaxing with the family after an emotionally draining day.  
  A popcorn fight with Sam at the backyard fire pit.  I love all my family, and would love to have them close all the time. When I was in Cali for the funeral it was decided that the best course of action would be to head back to Southern California for our next assignment.  This flying solo thing is a new and scary adventure for my grandpa as he and grandma had been dating since the 8th grade and had been attached at the hip that entire time.  The next week I was offered a job at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital in Banning CA and although it will be a bit of a commute it is close enough that we can stay with Grandpa and help him get his to do list done of all the things he wants to do to the house to have it ready to put on the market.  I know it is not an exciting new place, but it is where we need to be and to be honest I can not wait to hug that sweet man again.  How lucky am I to get to be his granddaughter. 

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