Siesta Key Beach and Salt Life

We had heard that Siesta Key Beach was a favorite beach and that the gulf side beaches were better than the Atlantic side.  When looking it up we noted that it is number one in America.  That made us extra excited to visit it this morning even though it was cold outside 30 degrees less than yesterday topping out at 58 degrees for the whole day rainy and windy.  It didn’t feel that warm, but wasn’t bad until we got soaked through from the rain.  The water however was 72 so not too bad for the kids.  Eve was the only one to get in past her ankles.   
  White sand everywhere as far as you can see, very gentle shallow waves with a lot of cool little shells.   
  Snow angels in the sand  
  Our sand snowman!  
  The kids fixed him up really nice.  
    We were completely drenched from the rain walking down the beach and back.  We were able to get the kids changed and Chad changed his jeans.  I was in my last pair so instead of changing into pajama pants I decided to tough it out.  I don’t know how good of an idea that was since I am just now getting completely warmed up and it has been about 10 hours.  We left Sarasota just before noon and headed through Orlando north east making our way back toward Virginia.  On the Atlantic side of the state we stopped at a restaurant recommended by a friend called Salt Life in St. Augustine.  We had not had our annual trip to Red Lobster durning the holidays for crab, so we counted this as that trip as both Chad and the girls ordered a crab boil and shared with both Caleb and I.  

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