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Three 12 hour shifts one day off spent at Williamsburg then three more twelves and an eight hour shift… I do love my work, but I was definately dragging by the end.  I had my first labor patient go to C-section this week and it was a really positive experience for both of us (me and the patient). I don’t know that I could go into much detail with out violating HIPPA, but we both felt like everything possible was done to give her a chance at a natural delivery and when we noted the size of the baby and how literally tied up in the cord the little one was all we could do is be so thankful for how things had gone.  The patient was very fearful that it would be a traumatic experience and it absolutely wasn’t.  The baby breasted in the OR while she was skin to skin.  With the current C/S rate in the United States today I feel like this is a major victory to celebrate.  Now it doesn’t mean more won’t happen, but to be two thirds of the way through my assignment before having my first c/s is deffinately cause for celebration. 

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