How Can it Have Been 12 Years!?!

Some where on the top ten best things travel nursing has given us list is the gift of catching up with old friends who have over time spread out.  You know how life is after high school and college too.  You start a career have your family and then look around when you emerge from surviving the toddler years to discover a decade has gone by and what ever happened to those besties from your youth?  Well years and miles have happened, but today we got to hang out and have dinner with one of my best friends from about 4th grade through high school, Brooke.  Her son Garrett was about two the last time we visited and a lot of life has happened.  Thank goodness for FaceBook or we would have never known we were neighbors.  Us Idaho small town girls meeting up in New York, I didn’t see that coming, but I will take it!  We met at the mall and visited for a while then caravaned over to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  It was like no time had passed.  I don’t think we stopped talking for the entire 3.5-4hours of our visit!  Yay!!!! It was so good to see you again Brooke and Garrett  and to meet you Dawn. 

     Don’t let Eve’s pouty face fool you.  She was eating up all the attention. That and the peant shells…crazy girl.

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