Home to Virginia

Having La Quinta points paid off for the last night of our Maine trip.  We were able to get a completely free one night stay in Harrison  Pennsylvania.   After getting a shipment of crocheted washrags in the mail.  We headed to the Hershey Chocolate factory in Hershey PA.  


  The tour of the factory is free, but I was kind of disappointed because it was an automated Disneyland type ride and did not show the actual workers, actually machines, and actual chocolate being produced.  Tillamook cheese factory and the Jelly Belly factory tours are much more informative and educational.  The kids however loved it.




  Hershey World appeared closed for the season, I wasn’t too sad about that.  We had a suprise on the drive home and actually got to drive through the upper “fingers” of West Virginia.  We didn’t think we would make it through WV until next week when we go to Indiana.  

 I believe we drove through 12 new states on this trip, and we did see some sights.  The friend time and variety show in Maine were all of our favorites hands down.  Making it home in time for me to have a two hour nap before work.  Yay.  Naps before work make me feel so much better through the night.

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