Computer Orientation…So Far So Good

Is it wrong that I got off work at 4:00pm and was in bed by 5:00pm?  I didn’t feel anxious and still I tossed and turned all night last night.  Looking at the clock every 15-20 minutes, knowing the time of the alarm was drawing nearer and nearer. 

Today after asking the valet I was able to find the right building with the Human Resources department, the lifetime fitness building.  I would not have found that on my own.  Then I was directed to Emplyee Health where they went over my immunization record including this seasons influenza then I was directed to lab where they drew all my titers and did a urine drug screen. 

The rest of the day was spent on health stream and doing competencies, watching a few videos and this light reading material.  

 I guess in L&D here we draw all of our own labs which is not any different than Northern Navajo Medical Center, but the big bulky packet of reading material and test are a little different.  At least I will feel more prepared and qualified.  I always have wanted to take a phlebotomy class.  I think it would make me a better nurse.  

I also was able to meet the interim director of the OB department and some of the staff.  One more half day with the clinical educator for hospital wide things then on to the OB clinical educator and my two day shifts and two nightshifts of orientation.  Thank you all for your prayers I have felt them.  Thank you mom I know you are always praying for me and your text came through this morning when I was in the middle of a nursing medication competency test that had only one OB med question.  Many of the meds on it were not even available when I did medsurg 10 years ago. I just barely squeaked by with an 84% (needed an 80% or above to pass).  

Chad and the kids did their school work today, explored some back roads, and made it to Target they have had gift cards burning a whole in their pockets for half of this last week ever since we let them open their goodbye cards from Louanne. (Thank you Louanne they have thoroughly enjoyed the gift.) 

I can hardly hold my eyes open and have a whole night of sleep to catch up on, so I had better go. Goodnight ❤️

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