We love you to the moon and back, you know that right?

Chad woke me up with a cup of coffe this morning.  He had already been to the Dr.’s office for labs and was back home.  I crawled out of bed and into the shower, not a good day for sleeping in.  Chad took Myra to the groomer so that I could clean out my home away from home this last week, my mother-in-law’s car.  Hannah was the furthest on her school work so she accompanied me on a coffee date with one of my favorite friends, Jesse.  We had planned donuts, but had a last minute change of heart and decided on more coffee.  Gotta love coffee!  I enjoyed the pictures from her recent birthday party as we talked story.  The ins and outs of life, family, experiences.  Chad texted me at 11:00 asking about meeting at his parents as we were trying to fit in a date lunch to tide us over for the next 6 months of no childcare.  Jesse and I could not believe the time had passed so quickly.  We finished up our visit, and I took her home.  Hannah had finished her math and was excited to go to Grandma’s.  We called Chad so Hannah could tell him where she had hidden her Christmas presents for Grandma and Grandpa Owens so he could bring them as we were going to have dinner and a little Christmas celebration with them tonight.  A month ago when we told the kids that we would not be staying the extra three months that we had originally planned they were upset, yes they wanted to see the rest of the states that isn’t what they were upset about.  They were upset about missing another Christmas with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

They had a valad point, Christmas just isn’t the same with out all your family.  (We loved our Christmas with Great Grandma and Grandpa Lawhead last year doesn’t make not being home easier this year.)  Well why not have Christmas a little early?  The kids had already started planning what they wanted to get each of their family members and Hannah had already purchased a few gifts…there was no reason why they couldn’t give those gifts to their grandparents before we leave.  We had planned to have our Thanksgiving/Christmas party on Saturday, but Grandma Owens has to work so we will celebrate twice this week.  

Hannah and I managed to beat Chad, Caleb, and Eve to grandma’s house by maybe a car length it was perfect.  Hannah and I had just finished talking about how important it is to be on time, so we wouldn’t send the message to daddy that other things in our lives mean more to us than the time we have set aside to spend together.  I went to hug the kids goodbye since I can never get too many hugs and noticed when Caleb winced that his arm was huge, red, and hot to the touch with a bit of a rash on top. Whoa what is that from!  Caleb explained that it was from his chickenpox booster to which he added I thought it was normal so I didn’t say anything.  

Chad and I headed out on our date, he drove and I called Salem Pediatric for an appointment for Caleb’s arm to be seen.  Chad has been to O’ Sushi several times these last three months and has been trying to work out a time when we could go as a date.  With only two days left in Oregon our time was quickly running out it was now or not for 6 more months at least.   I like sushi to begin with but with coffee as the only thing on my stomache for the whole day I was worried that sushi might tip me over to not feeling well.  I was wrong.  It was some of the best sushi I have ever eaten so good, a good blend of textures as well as flavors and nothing soggy like the sushi you get at grocery stores.  Delicious!  



 Lunch was quite filling and we practically had to roll out of there.  I thought I was being conservative, and I guess I was.  Deffinately I was full, but not uncomfortable.  Thank you Chad for the date, he opens car doors for me and everything… Such a gentleman.  I love him, his company, and the way he makes me feel.  I am a lucky women that is for sure.  

After our date we stopped and picked up wrapping paper, bags and tissue paper for the kids to wrap their presents.  The kids eagerly wrapped their gifts when we arived with the supplies then we took Caleb and headed to the Dr. while Donna took the girls and headed to pick up Grandma-mama (Great Grandma Brown) for our Christmas party.  

Caleb’s arm was of concern to the provider on call.  She measured the swelling and noted his 99.8 degree temp.  She didn’t want to be too quick to jump to antibiotics so we are supposed to go back tomorrow for follow up.  

Taco bar was the perfect dinner not really Christmassy but easy, low key, and so yummy.  Aunt Jan surprised us and showed up.  It was so good to hang out with her too.  

After opening gifts we watched Seseme Street Christmas.  One of the favorite Christmas movies when Daddy (Chad) was growing up.  

Being in a place we are comfortable and can be completely at home with our gaurd down then in the very next moment saying goodbye for what could be 6-9 months can definitely tear your heart out.  How do we survive away from these people?  Sometimes it hurts so much, but in the same stride we know that this is what we are supposed to be doing at this time.  May are eyes always be fixed on you Lord.  You are our strength, our joy, our comfort, our purpose, our salvation.  Chuck, Donna, Grandma-Mama, and  Aunt Jan we love you to the moon and back, thanks for taking the time to just be with us tonight! Merry Early Christmas! 

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