Elasto Pants 

It might be my age, but formerly I have not been a fan of elastic waist tapered leg nursing scrub pants.  That may have all changed this week!  The scrub bin on our unit is usually stocked half and half with tie waist pants and elastic pants.  When laundry gets scarce you usually can pick through and find one if you are persistent. Persistence did not pay off Monday night….If you get stuck with the old lady elastic waist pants at work, you gotta make lemonade out of those lemons.  Doing my best (mid thirties out of shape and never a cheerleader) jump split I announced, ” Elasto Pants!!!”  In my best superhero voice!  It was the perfect way to start the day!  We were all rolling with laughter before we even got out of report.  We tended to our triage patient and room checks making random Elasto Waist to the rescue quips.  We nurses know how to make work fun!  

   Nearly every shift here has been a blast.  We have had patients comment, “you sure love your job!” to me and my companion nurses to which we answered,  “yes, that is true.  You wouldn’t want a nurse who didn’t though right!?” They agreed.  There was no wasted time on my last shift with Rhiannon we had laughs pretty much every minute of it with Liz jumping in with two feet, literally.  I will not forget this night and the joy it has brought to me will be front in my memory as I face this next most likely difficult month of adjusting to a new work environment, new coworkers and providers, and different culture.  Having to re-prove my competence and trustworthyness again.  I saw a saying in a FaceBook travel nurse sight and it is true.  
 I conclude after two days of wearing elastic waisted pants do to necessity that although you risk looking silly the benefits of spontaneous laughter and the really good (up to my bra line) crack coverage was amazing!  

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