Sick Girl

Going to church one last time didn’t work out quite as planned.  Eve was so winy when she woke up.  She found a comfortable spot on the couch and didn’t move all morning.  We couldn’t take our sick girl so I stayed home with her.  Bye to all of our Salem Naz friends that we had planned to say goodbye to today.  We will miss all of you.   

 Hannah went to Hannah C.’s house for a play date after church so hopefully that brings some closure to her an will help tide her over on best friend time until we can return.  These two besties are so cute.  

 Chad and I went through three of our four cargo tubs and minimized them down to one of must go items.  We found our USA map in one of the tubs and stuck Hawaii in its place.   We are getting closer to being ready.  

 The. On the way to work I missed my exit and it was 11 miles before there was an overpass to turn around on.  I made it just in time and I get to work with one of my favorites for a pleasantly slow night.


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