Lincoln City with Grandma Owens

You don’t have to tell me, I know.  Our family has been bless beyond anything we could ever deserve in the realm of family.  Aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents all who are family oriented and love Christ.  I know this is a rare thing and I cherish it so.  This week I found out that the two extra shifts I signed up for were actually 4hr evening shifts instead of 12hr nights.  Oh no! What to do now!  Chad also needed to work Friday night.  The kids could stay home with Aunt Stephanie which would have been fun, but to ease the stress on Chad and give him a break I asked my mother-in-law, Donna, who just so happened to not be working Friday, if she would like to come with us to the beach.  We stayed in Lincoln City instead of Newport for somethin different for the kids.  Chad had reserved a nice room for us. We had most of the day Friday at the beach and for my 4 hour shift Friday night I ended up being on call.  It was perfect.  We had lunch at the Tiki Lounge which I love their GF food and I don’t think Donna had been there before.  Then we checked out the glass blowing place, went grocery shopping, checked out our hotel grounds looking for mermaids, Donna and the big kids walked the beach.  We ate pizza for dinner and pomegranates for dessert.  Donna took the kids swimming, I took my phone and crocheting and watched with enjoyment.  Eve was loving the practically one on one grandma swim time (she is always such a fish).  Hannah must have picked up some stroke tips from watching Chloe and Cuinten at swim team Thursday because she was racing another little girl and swimming better than I have ever seen her swim before, and Caleb was being a big brother, spending way too much energy trying to get a reaction out of Hannah.  My phone only rang once which was Chad calling to check on us not the hospital thank goodness.  After swimming we enjoyed the new Cinderella movie and some popcorn.  The kids were so cute, I know they appreciated the mini vacation.  I was sad to see them leave today as grandma took them home to Chad so I could go to work tonight.   


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