Made it to Vegas

I probably should not calculate my sleep this week in hours, just be greatful that I’m functioning with seemingly few deficits.  Chad and I got up this morning at four, the kids were already at Grandma and Grandpa Owens, but with getting home late I had not yet packed my bag.  It’s a good thing I don’t have much in the way of clothing options so there were no hard decisions.  Chuck (Chad’s dad) drove us to the airport in Portland ariving at 0600 to a security check point line longer than I have ever seen it. Good thing we were not all going to Vegas.  

 There was two legs to our flight with no sleep on either.  I did get to read through some of the paperwork from the AWHONN conference and send out an email.  

We arived around noon.  Last time we walked from the airport to our hotel, the heat was a bit of a problem, the distance was a little longer than it had looked, and Chad had a duffle bag with only a small handle.  It didn’t end up being a very fun walk.  This time it was cloudy we had only backpacks and we thought we knew what kind of distance we were getting ourselves into so against our better judgement we decided to walk again.  GPS said 4.5 miles/1.5hours walking time.  Hmmmm is it just me or does that seem further than last time I thought out loud.  It was hot with a good breeze whisking away some of my sweat and tangling my hair as it whipped behind me.  We stopped about two miles into our walk for lunch and a little AC.  I must have been a sight with my tomato red face and sweat soaked back.  A big glass of fresh Iced tea hit the spot, we were encouraged that we were almost half way.  

   The clouds started spitting at us and we wondered if it might not just start downpouring.  We ducked in and out of hotels down the strip just to try and cool off. This carpet is so fun!   
   By the time we got to where we stayed last time my feet and hips were starting to balk about the pavement pounding and we were still not really that close.  I don’t think I realized our hotel was not on the strip (although not disappointed).  We checked in around 3:00pm soaked in sweat, but still smiling.  The exercise was good for me.  I’m sure my aching hips are going to need an Advil intervention tomorrow.  After a nap and a shower (I fell asleep laying across the bed in my sweaty clothes 😬) we headed down to find the conference location and try out the Vietnamese restaurant.  Phó soup with tripe, oxtail, and tenderloin, veggie and shrimp rolls with peanut sauce and duck.  Chad and I sat beside eachother sharing each one.  They were all amazing.  I don’t know if we will make it out to try any other restaurants as we are already making plans to go back and try a few of the other dishes that looked interesting.   It is just barely 8:00pm and we are calling it a night.  

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