Drive Up 101

I have never really thought Northern California was all that beautiful.  My memories of it as a child included a lot of dry brown grass and sageburush not much else.  Lak e Almanor was more beautiful than I remembered it, Butt lake was beautiful, but I had prepared myself for the ride from there to the Coast to be drab and boring.  Maybe partly because pictures don’t do it justice but maybe mostly because I was exhausted I took few pictures on the drive.  I just sat back and enjoyed the view.  What an amazing drive, beautiful mountains, evergreens, valleys, rivers, lakes, and cute little towns.   We enjoyed the redwoods from the road but did not stop getting us into Crescent City late.  The office at the RV place that we had spoke with earlier in the day about a site for the night had already closed down shop in the office and was unreachable via the contact number given on the answering machine.  I was all of the sudden quite glad that I had not given them our debit card number.  We decided to try Walmart parking lot for the night and really it was not bad.  It was nice to have food a short walk.  We were surprised how many motorhomes/trailers found rest in the parking lot in a night.

  I tried to get a picture of the redwoods that were on 101.  We met a former coworker at the Chart Room restaurant  by the harbor.  It was fun to hear and see the sea lions and seals.  It was good to catch up with Hiedi and need her adorable baby!  I tried to catch up on baby cuddles which is a lost cause with me.  I never get my baby fix.
    Hiedi took us to the Battery Point Lighthouse which you can only walk to at low tide.  On high tide it has its own little island. To this day it is occupied and still in use.

  In Waldport we found the KOA.  The kids were working well together we all were missing our little fire cracker Eve.  I worked my one shift the. We headed home. 

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