The Best Kind of Friends Show Up When You Aren’t Looking For Them!

Once upon a time, long long ago (9 years) I met a teen mom just out of high school with a baby only six months older than mine. She was surprisingly mature. I was completely baffled by her life story and yet she took the stand that you can’t blame other people for your actions and your consequences they may have effected your experiences but ultimately you still made choices. How could someone in her circumstances and at her age be so wise? Since that time I have so appreciated her friendship and advise with kids the same age we are monthly in conversation about budgets, homeschooling, Bible study, health, marriage. She is one of those friends I can sit down and talk to for hours and hours and hours (6 hours today). I have thanked God often for our friendship maybe someday she will let me tell her whole story.  Thank you for all the laughs today you are one in a million, Michele, thanks for not letting me get away with any excuses ever.  There are friends and there are good friends you know the kind that call your bluff and make you a better person.  You are that friend. ❤️

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