Battery Charging Kind of Day

Kidless this morning, Chad and I both still got up before 7:00am.  Chad had plans to work with his dad for the day and I needed to pick up Eve from grandma’s house and take Myra to the groomer.  We headed out a little early so we could take the car by the mechanic shop because we had some concerns about how it had been acting lately.  It was a good thing we did. The car did fine until it warmed up.  We made it to Japanese Connection just fine but the last five blocks from the mechanic to the shop (Chad’s parents business base) was rough.  We couldn’t get it out of first and the clutch was sticking.  We are hoping it is the master cylinder.  Needless to say once we parked the car in the shop we knew we would not be able to move it too far.  It will stay there until it’s “doctor” appointment on Thursday.  Donna saved the day by coming and picking me up and taking me back to her house, since we are a one car family we are kind of high and dry when our car misbehaves.  Chuck and Donna have let us borrow one of their cars for the next two days to get us by.  They are continually such a blessing to us I don’t know what we would do without them.   Eve and I then took Myra to the groomer and rode with Aunt Steph and Cyrus to check out the toy section of Fred Meyer running into a church friend there. Back at home Eve and Cyrus were playing well together and Steph offered to keep an eye on Eve so I headed to Silverton Hospital Family Birth Center!!!! Seriously I can’t stay away from that place.  It was 11:00 and I guess I picked the perfect day to visit.  The census allowed for me to have the opportunity to say hi and catch up with each of the nurses, CNA, tech, and unit clerk with out interfering in their work.  I was on the unit for about an hour then headed to the cafeteria for lunch with the management team.  The weather was perfect for sitting outside and we caught up, as Hawaiians would say “we talked story” mixed with a little business.  I love Silverton so much!  Whenever I am there I come away wishing that I could take everyone with me to each assignment.  Then we could see the United States without ever having to be away from our friends, doesn’t that sound perfect?  I got home from the hospital around 1:30pm Stephanie was in the front yard talking to our neighbor who is also a good friend, we talked for quite a while before we decided that it was getting hot enough we should move to the shade.  Ice tea, lawn chairs, and the shade with the company of a fellow mother/neighbor it doesn’t get much better than that.  Steph had headed out for coffee with a friend so Hosanna and I visited and watched the kids play for a few more hours.  Steph came home from coffee and took Eve and Cyrus to swimming lessons and I got ready for a bridal shower.  Mary Beth came over and we headed out to go shopping, then we picked up Myra and took her home just in time to sneak in a sit down pizza dinner and make it to the bridal shower.  We had some good laughs, it was one of our best visits.  It was so wonderful to see so many friends at the shower too.  It really has been, besides the car acting up, the most wonderful and relaxing/recharging day we have had.  I am just starting to feel like maybe I can face starting back to work again.  It is an awfully good thing since my next contract starts Monday.

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