First day of rest in about a month

We didn’t want Grandma and Grandpa Owens to have to watch the kids this morning while we slept as we knew they were running on little sleep too.  Despite going to bed at 0130 they were up at 7:00am (4 am Hilo time šŸ˜¬) Chad and I got up and ran out for lab tests and a chest x-ray don’t worry we aren’t sick it is a work requirement.  Then we got starbucks  for ourselves and Donna and headed back to enjoy them in the sun at grandma’s house.  When our coffee was done the kids cleaned up a bit and Chad took the bags out to the car as I madly typed our blog post for yesterday.  We then made our way home to our own house.  We were excited to see Cyrus, chase him down and tickle him and hug his mommy, daddy and Grandpa Sherman it has been too long.  Most of the rest of the day we tested as the kids played in the front yard with all the neighbor kids that they have missed so much.  

   Myra was very happy to see us as we were to see her.  She is such a big teddy bear I think she missed us but we hear report she did pretty well at Grandma and Grandpa Sherman’s house.  Chad ran out to print off some papers I needed for my next assignment and Caleb went with him to get a birthday present for Hannah as tomorrow is her birthday.  He came back with a green coconut!  It was a good thing our machete   made it to Oregon we have already put it to good use.  

  Stephanie is drinking out the water which was pretty good seeing as we are a few miles from the nearest coconut tree.  The meat was softish, not like jello but not hard like a mature coconut.  Not many people were as big of fans of it as I was so I ate most of it myself, oh well.  At least everyone got to taste it.  After the kids were in bed Steph and I headed out to get coffee and look for a birthday present for Hannah, nothing like last minute shopping!  After we buckled into the car and turned down the road we decided first to make a stop at Louanne’s house!  We visited for a while until it was getting far then thought we better head to coffee before everything was closed.  Walmart was still open to birthday shop, it was a different feel, there was no souvenir section, and you didn’t have to pay for the bags when they bagged your groceries.  It was not nearly as clean and nice as the Walmart in Hilo either.  Now it is almost midnight here, I’m sure the kids will be up early and I feel no need to sleep anytime soon.  Hmmmm tomorrow will be a long day I had better try!  Goodnight.

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