Captain James Cook Monument

Now we have been warned about this hike, that it is steep, has loose rocks and no shade.  We have also been told to bring lots of water and go early, but that the monument and bay are totally worth it!  We left the house just after 0600, but by the time we got gas and coffee and made it over the volcanoes it was almost 9:00 AM (already hot).  The walk down the hill was great almost the entire way!  There was mango trees at the top and we found a ripe mango for each of the kids that they fully enjoyed.     Above is a mango tree. Below we started making our way down the top portion of the trail.  The grass is tall and covers over the trail hitting you in the face as you walk down it.  It was an adventure.         We found a little praying mantis and a whole host of pill bugs.     The view was great and there was a cool breeze coming up off of the water.      All in all the hike down was great!  I think t is only like a mile but it is steep.      There appears to be ruins of some kind all around the monument area.  See all the yellow fish so beautiful.     

      There were a ton of kayaks and tour boats in the bay.              Here is the actual monument! So awesome!   Is there one leg per segment or two legs per segment I want to see a poisonous centipede I just don’t want to be bit by one before I see it (or after) just want to adore it from afar.  We swam and jumped off this low wall for quite a while and Eve talked to the tourists and their guides while they tried to lunch in peace.  Actually I think they were enjoying the conversation.  Around 12:30 we started our hike back up!   It was hot, we were all sweating pretty good and we had to stop frequently to rest and drink water.    There were tears, at a few points I even felt like crying, the picture below doesn’t even do it justice we were so relieved to make it to the top in just about two hours with no more water left.  It being 2:30 PM we were we were ready for lunch and a big glass of water.     We met up with Tiffany, a coworker and friend, and headed to the lava tube swimming hole to cool off.  After a good swim we headed up the beach and found some coconuts.  


  Chad husked the coconut for us using a stump of drift wood, and then Tiffany opened it up for us with a rock. Such a fun day. Now for the drive back to Hilo side for work tomorrow.



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