Malasadas, a Hike and Chillin at the Beach! 

  We finally made it to Tex Drive in today for Malasadas although the did not have Haupia the Portugese donuts for a two thumbs up.  


Although it has been raining it wasn’t now so we decided to hike Pololu while the weather was good.  What a beautiful and fun hike! There was absolutely no complaining from the kids.  The path alternated from muddy to rocky and was a bit of a challenge, no time to be bored and the scenery was absolutely amazing.  

                                      There was stacks of rocks everywhere! Look at this Portugese Man of War (like a jelly fish).  You don’t want to step one one of these babies!  

      We saw our first millipede don’t know if these babies are venomous like the infamous centipedes.  

       At a gas station Caleb picked a pretty flower for my hair.  


Then to cool off after our hike and watch the sun go down we pulled into Spencer Beach Park.  We all played until 6:00pm when it was time to get showered up and head home.  


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