Pacing Beads

A little while ago now our landlord gave the kids a bag of beads and miscellaneous craft stuff.   That same day a little earlier Chad had said that he would like to buy some beads to make pacing beads with the kids for keeping track of large distances while hiking.  It was perfect despite maybe the color (the guys didn’t dig purple).  It was fun to watch them work together on this project.   

       There are nine beads on the bottom and three on the top.  There is a chart on line but we will use Caleb for an example.  Each of the bottom beads represent a tenth of a kilometer (59 steps of your right leg) or a tenth of a mile (99 steps of your right leg) when you have taken the allotted number of steps you slide a bead down until all nine are down the and yet the next number of allotted steps you slide one of the top beads down and all the bottom beads up and in this way you can pace out how many kilometers or miles you are hiking. 

After there project was finished they had quite a time of playing with the remaining beads.  

   I keep finding projects all around the house.

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