Cleaning and Errands 

I am the deep cleaner usually, so when I’m not home for a lot of days in a row it is desperately needed.  Also, Chad’s contact subscription had expired and we are nowhere near his primary eye physician so he wanted to try his hand at getting in at Walmarts optometry clinic as a walk-in.  Chad headed to town and the kids and I put on some music and pulled up our sleeves with the goal of conquring the whole house in one morning.  We made a lot of progress while Chad was gone knocking out the dining room, most of the lanai (Caleb’s room), and the entire living room (girls’ room).  So the bathroom, our room and the remainder of the kitchen was all that was left.  Chad was unable to get in but was able to schedule a later in the day appointment (12:30).  He cleaned the bathroom for us (which is his usual job-thank you Chad) and I got the kitchen in order.  We rushed around in order to complete those two rooms in time for the whole family to accompany Chaf back to town.  We made it with enough time for me to sneak a quick shower and drive by the Kae’au Transfer Station (dump) to dump our garbage (there are no garbage trucks here you have to buss your own trash) on the way.  After Chad’s appointment we played at the park and I was able to talk to my mom a bit.  We stayed there until dinner time.  

    The kids requested burgers and Chad was able to find Hilo Burger Joint.  It was pretty much a bar with some family tables.  They had games that you could play while you waited for your food so us girls teamed up against the boys in Connect Four. My phone was dying (5%) so I pulled it out for a few quick pictures at the end and didn’t get any of some of the good matches.  The wins were pretty evenly dispersed.  

   The food was good too, so we will for sure be going back there again before we leave.

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