Easter 2015

The kids were excited to wear their Easter clothes we bought from the market.  I forgot my phone at home so I missed getting pictures of the play they were in this morning.  Caleb was a disciple, Hannah was with Mary Magdaline when she discovers the empty tomb and Eve was an angel.  They were cute and I love to see them involved.  Hannah then was walked up to the microphone by her sundayschool teacher where she sang “Up From The Grave He Arose” She did well and was not in the least bit nervous.  I didn’t know that was coming so we have no pictures and I guess she asked if she could do it.  More power to you girl.  I’m pretty sure I would have wet my pants singing in front of the church at that age.  After church was a potluck that went long and gave us lots of time for fellowship.  We met several young couples from the first service it was very fun.  We were pretty drained by the time we got home though.  Hannah says it was the best Easter ever.  We have been blessed with lots of good Easters as I remember back to so many fond memories made on this day in the past.

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