Mmmmm….Macadamia nuts

We pass this Macadamia nut plantation/processing factory everytime we drive into Hilo. Today we got to stop and check it out.  There was a self guided tour which was pretty interesting and offered in five different languages you just have to push the button with the coresponding countries flag.  We learned that you need three hundred pounds per square inch to crack a macadamia nut shell.  In the days before automated machines of every kind macadamia nuts were cracked by driving over them in a car.  Now they have flat presses.  We enjoyed the three mile drive into the visitor center and the lovely 2,500 acher farm that boasted 250,000 trees that produce delicious macadamia nuts.  The nuts them selves were delicious enough, but it was fun trying all the many flavors and picking out a few to take home with us for later snacks.

I love love love chocolate.  Chad got a bag of chocolate and coconut covered macadamias just for me.  I willbe adding them to my lunches to get me through the next two months., yum!

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