Lava Old and New

Today we visited Lava Tree State Monument It is a park that shows a lava flow from 1790 through ha heavily forested section of the jungle near Pahoa.  The lava flowed around and up tree trunks then the heat from the lava burned the tree leaving castings.  Trees that have since grown back up in that area have very shallow root systems because of the thick layer of lava rocks so close to the surface of the soil.  A big wind, the kind that can happen frequently on this side of the island is all it takes to blow these trees down.  A few have been left how hey landed and show just how shallow the root systems are. It was cool to see and the constant chorus of birds singing was the best kind of white noise in the world.  

The night before I had a patient who had been evacuated from her home in November or December for the most recent lava flow so she had told me where to look.  Just up the volcano from Pahoa at the transfer station you can see the December flow. 

Fences to protect people who think it might be a good idea to climb on the not completely cooled lava….sometimes I am amazed at what has to be done to protect people from themselves.  This being maybe 10 miles from our house we headed home for dinner.  After dinner it started raining.  I said that the kids should go out and play in the rain half kidding.  Eve came in dripping wet minutes later asking if I wanted to play with her. I hadn’t even realized she had snuck outside.  I didn’t get in on the dancing in the rain, but I did go outside to get pictures. 

 When the rain stopped it turned into a watertight with a hose and watering can.  Then we watched Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and went to bed. 

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