Technologically Challenged

We have discovered that Internet and cell coverage are going to be a challenge at this assignment.  We can talk on the phone outside, and with our nose in the corner of the girls room.  That is with 1-2 bars and is garble also it seems to fluctuate so you are fine for a while then it cuts off the call.  And you can load a picture into face book but it takes a long time and you have your nose in a corner or are standing outside to do it.  I have attempted working on the blog, but it is a lost cause.  The pictures don’t load and I can’t publish it with such a poor connection.  So the brief postings have been quickly written when we are in town.  We will try to keep you all updated but it will, I’m sure, be at a decreased frequency.  Chad and the kids have been getting up every morning at 5:45 to take me to work and then pick me up (a 45 min. commute) so that they will have the car.  I am on my fifth 8hour shift this week.  I have not worked five days in one physical week in at least a decade.  I’m so ready to get back to twelves next week.  Although my assignment here will be a combination of 8s and 12s swing shift, nights, and twelve hour nights I know this is not my last five day week.  At least we weren’t planning any long road trips. Everything is close and can be done as a day trip except visiting other islands, but I’m not sure that that is on the agenda until it’s time to leave. 

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