Breaking & Eating Our Coconuts 

We stopped on our way home from work yesterday to pick up a machete at Sports Authority and before I even had time to change out of my uniform we we were elbow deep in husks.  It was pretty fun.  The kids were good about staying clear while dady worked. 

The green one had soft flesh, clear water, and was pretty easy to break into.  The meat was quickly gobbled up and we saved the water to drink with dinner.  The dry husk of the brown one on the other hand proved to be quite a challenge.  

It had sprouted….

The water was milky and sweet, but had a more rancid aftertaste.  Caleb liked it better than the water and drake it right up.  We donk know if you are supposed to eat the ball inside, but we did eat it also.  It was sweet and airy, and we are still all alive this morning to tell about it.  I am sure though if Chad comes across more coconuts that are just laying beside the road he will pick up the green and leave the brown, just sayin.

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