Ash Wednesday

I so wanted to go to an Ash Wednesday mass today. But I would either have to stay up way late or miss work neither one is going to work. I can’t really miss work and since I work tonight it wouldn’t be too smart to stay up too late. So I have been trying to educate myself a bit on Ash Wednesday and Lent season which might make up in the smallest bit not making it to mass today.

IMG_2782 this is the Catholic Church closest to us that the girls at work recommended. I may see if Chad can look up other mass times for me. Here is a YouTube video on Ash Wednesday and Lent ( Here is another video. It is a cartoon of Jesus’s temptation and fasting in the desert. I love the song that goes with it (
You are my strength when I am weak you are the treasure that I seek you are my all in all.

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2 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday

  1. I love Ash Wednesday. 🙂 It’s a solemn reminder of our sinful nature and a reminder to seek repentance. All leading up to the most joyous day in Catholicism. If you can make it to the Easter Vigil service, it’s my favorite. It’s the evening before Easter, traditionally occurring after dusk, and it celebrates the Resurrection of Christ. A day or two before, the church was stripped of all decoration, and the the baptismal and holy water fonts are dry and filled with pebbles as a symbol of the desolation of Christ’s crucifixion.

    For the Easter vigil, a fire is lit outside the church to symbolize the introduction of light (Christ) into a dark word. A new Paschal candle is lit from the fire (the candle lit for every mass throughout the year representing Christ’s light). The procession, by which the people enter the church, is led by the light of the paschal candle alone. Just as the children of Israel were guided at night by a pillar of fire, so similarly, Christians follow the risen Christ. 🙂

    Candles are then lit from the Paschal candle and taken out to the congregation and the “light of Christ” is passed from person to person until everyone’s candles are lit. As the sanctuary fills with candlelight, you see that all of the ornamentation has been returned – flowers are overflowing and purple linen is draped over the altar and the baptismal font and bowls of holy water are full once more. Baptisms occur and the mass proceeds as usual. The music is beautiful. The homily is beautiful. I know for many it’s empty, rote acts. But for those with hearts that are tender, it’s incredibly meaningful. I’d love to bring you with me sometime.

    • Thank you for sharing! I was unable to make it to Ash Wednesday but it has still held a lot of meaning for me. So if at all possible I will take your recommendation to attend Easter vigil. I would love it most to go with you who can explain the catholic side of what is going on so that I could to understand its symbolism and meaning. We have a standing date now for the next time I’m in Idaho. Thank you for your friendship and taking the time to teach me.

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