Sleeping Beauty

That is no self proclamation of my beauty, but maybe an admission about how long I let myself sleep. Yesterday after work I went home, fed some carrot cake from Ricky to the kids for breakfast, took a shower, talked to the lady at the office of our apartment complex about giving our 30 days notice on the apartment, and headed down the hill to Grandma and Grandpa Lawhead’s house. We visited a bit then took Caleb to a favorite restaurant of my grandparents to celebrate his birthday which is not until Wednesday but I have a class on Wednesday and Grandma worked Tuesday and Wednesday so this was the only day that would work to go.

Grandma and Grandpa teased the waitress a bit since she had been there the last time and had made them a banana split but had forgot the banana. We took our seats, when I went to order they told me they had GF pancakes and totally made my day. The birthday boy looked great in the hat they gave him to wear.

The whole restaurant sang happy birthday and then danced this whole long modified Macarena dance. We each had to wear a “new to this restaurant hat.

2015/01/img_1948.jpg lunch was good, we all enjoyed it. We drove back to Fallbrook and feeling quite tired I decided to take a short nap before dinner. I am pretty sure I remember Chad trying to wake me up for dinner, but it was a text message at 8:00 am that finally brought me to consciousness a whopping 18 hours later. I guess I was more tired than I knew.

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