Disneyland day 1 2015

Off work at 6:30, I soaked in the sunrise as I drove home to pick up Chad.
A quick shower and some toast and we were ready to go. We stopped at Starbucks for caffein. The kids were already in Anaheim with grandma and grandpa. Chad and I talked for a bit but eventually I fell asleep. Getting a half hour to an hour of sleep. I didn’t really know if I would stay at the hotel and rest or go for a while and then take a nap. I decided that I didn’t really want to mis Eve’s initial reaction to the park so I joined the family as the park opened. The kids were so cute! They loved the Characters although we didn’t see too many of them and didn’t get too many autographs. Eve didn’t like the dark scary things and loud sounds on a lot of the inside rides but all the outside ones were a hit. With the Tiki room, the tea cups and it’s a small world coming into first place. Casey’s train was up on the list too with lots of monkey sounds and lion roars. It has been fun and I made it all day until closing the. We had dinner at the rainforest cafe. Everyone was asleep with in minutes of getting back to the room except Chad and Chuck who apparently had a repair man to the room to fix the tub that was bubbling up all kinds of crazy gross stuff. But, after 30 hours of being awake, I slept through all of it.
















Funny moment of the day was when Donna, Hannah and I got on the tea cups (right after lunch mind you) we noticed brown chunks. Donna asked me what I thought they were and half out if the side of my mouth I told her they were “chunks.” You know the kid you feel like blowing after the tea cup ride. We were completely busted up from laughing. We noticed they were on the ground outside of the tea cups and in the other tea cups so we assume they came from the trees above but they looked like chunks. So fun to have belly laughs with my family and favorite (only but still) MIL.

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