Yeah, we didn’t make it too far today!

We had plans to get to Victorville tonight after a quick visit with Gerrit this morning. Our quick visit went long and we ended up getting lunch, lunch went long until school was getting out.



Gerrit, Terri and the kids had a few errands to run after school. We said our good byes and headed to the car. Chad and I didn’t want to promise we would come by to see the kids until we had a chance to talk to each other and make a plan. We discussed our schedule and some options and decided to take the Jelly Belly factory tour while our family was tied up then go back so we would have a chance to see Terri and the kids. The Jelly Belly factory is about 45 minutes out of Sacramento, Chad and I have been there a couple times pre kids but had never taken the kids they were pretty excited.








They don’t let you take any photos on the tour but it is very interesting as they walk you through the history and all the stages to making the Jelly Belly with several taste testers at each stage. Eve would always talk the guide into an extra Jelly Belly. At the end of the tour we got a bag of belly flops and a small bag of chocolate covered Jelly Bellies and we each tried a sample of chocolate covered bacon which was a big hit. Then we headed back to Sacramento.
The house was a bustle with Gerrit and Terries 5 kids so our extra three hopped up in Jelly Bellies made for lots of energy. The kids played really well together and we continued to talk and talk (my favorite part). About 7:00pm we decided we should think of something easy to feed the kids because it was well past dinner time. Having pizza two nights in a row seemed like an easy and affordable solution to feed 8 kids and 5 adults and it was. The kids watched Aladdin which they had never previously seen while us adults visited some more. What good kids! It was so fun. They were all asking (including mine) when we would get together again. Soon, hopefully soon!




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