Exposure to Farm Life

(Warning: contains some graphic food preparation pictures)
Boyd and Rae had cut and wrapped their own goat and had been asked by a neighbor to do four more, so after church we set about getting started on the afternoon long project.
Wanting to miss out on the actual killing of the goats I stayed inside and quickly made Pb&j sandwiches for the whole crew for lunch. Then made the beds of the two rooms we had been staying in and packed all of our things out to the car. Chad was elbow deep in the goat project which is the first of it’s kind that he has ever been involved in.


The kids helped, then played, then helped some more.




Dakota and Cosette fried up the first liver with onions.

( here is a cute picture of Eve and Dakota making an enchilada casserole yesterday)

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/03e/32120513/files/2015/01/img_1254.jpg we snacked on the liver while we continued our cutting and wrapping progress.



The kids loved the liver, they loved the ribs we roasted, they loved being able to help, they loved the whole thing. I hadn’t touched raw meet in a few years and was surprisingly squeamish about it at first, it did bring back a lot of fond childhood memories living on a dairy farm in Idaho with a professional butcher father. Just about the time my frozen fingers and full bladder decided it was time to go inside Aunt Susan had come by. We made some hot chocolate and hot tea for the workers outside and visited some more. There were tears when it was time to say goodbye. We could probably stay for a week or two or three, but we have to head south again.



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