Ride Along

The day of the first was filled with lots of conversation as well as a tour of the new house and property Chad went on a ride along with Boyd and Susan made it back from Liz’s and visited with us for several hours. Rae and I talked late into the night as we waited for the guys to get home. The day of the second it took four ibuprofen and another half hour of sleep to coax me out of bed. Of course I knew that the lack of sleep would catch up with me but I always think maybe I can get away with it this time. This time I took the opportunity to go to work with Boyd knowing that a 10 hour patrol car ride would give us plenty of time to discuss all kinds of matters of the heart. Boyd lived with our family for five years growing up so he feels much more like a sibling than a cousin and his priorities in life are a lot similar to mine which means there are hours and hours of meaningful conversation to be had. Here are a few pictures from our drive.





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