Good Bye 2014

The three biggest things I have learned this year…
1. First impressions are over rated! That unit or person that completely rubbed you the wrong way the first two weeks that you knew them has something they can teach you. They are a person or a group of people if you take the time to learn why they act the way they do, pretty much everyone has their own awesomeness and something to teach you if you really want to learn. Pretty much everyone I have not been fond of the first day has not at all personified my first impression.

2. There is always more than one way to skin a cat. And the golden rule of traveling is when in Rome do as the Romans do with in the boundaries of do no harm and always do good.

3. I am far from a finished product, but I will work hard and I love my job and patients. Those things alone can carry you a long way.

2014 has been one of our families biggest years to date I really can’t believe it has all happened in one year. We cannot wait to find out what 2015 holds.


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