Nursing is one of those professions that is a team sport. You are not in the trenches but in a sense we are. Together. In life and death situations, in surprise census fluctuations that makes zone defense the only way to survive with everyone happy and healthy and best of all alive. Last night was a great night! A beautiful baby was born we had things to do but it wasn’t crazy. It allowed for one of my favorite parts of travel nursing and that is getting to know my new coworkers and learning so much in the process. I talked for almost my entire lunch break with a Persian provider about wold view, culture and religion as well as getting to know more about her family and history it was great! Then in the more quiet hours of early morning I got to learn from a messianic Jewish coworker. It is amazing how much getting to know the people around me charges my batteries. And still even more awesome is the expanded world view and perspective that comes along with these new found diverse friendships. But probably the most cool thing of all is maybe possibly being used by God to share his love with the people around me.

So thankful for my L&D comrades in Silverton Oregon, Shiprock New Mexico, Neenah Wisconsin, and now Victorville California. Never be strangers. I miss our meaningful conversations.

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