‘Twas the day after Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas and we had one gift to make good on. Hannah Banana has wanted to get her ears pierced for quite some years now and today was the day. I guess a lot of little girls got ear piercings for Christmas because there was quite a line and the employee doing the piercings said that she had been doing only that her whole shift, one right after another. Hannah had asked how bad it would hurt and I had explained that it felt like a brief pinch but that when Aunt Stephanie went to get her ears pierced I had told her it was like shooting pains that start at your ear and goes throughout your whole body. I think she liked the story and did not appear to be too nervous. She got a second opinion from Samantha on what to expect that set her at ease she watched the girls ahead of us in line who didn’t even flinch and were about her age. They had about 50 choices of earrings for piercing studs way more than the five options they had when it had been my turn. She picked Elsa and is very pleased with how it turned out.





We ate lunch at the mall with Samantha then walked around a bit.


I had to take Eve out to the car because that girl would not stop singing at the top of her voice. It was practically yelling. We were encouraged on the way out to the car to let her continue to sing in hopes to clear some of the bagillion people out of the mall. She wasn’t too fazed buy the change in local or lack of audience. I don’t know where that girl gets it. After a loop around the mall we headed back to Fallbrook. Grandma and Grandpa’s friend Lin came over to meet the kids. She has a few grown (teenage) granddaughters and loves kids. The kids had her on the floor playing a made up duck game with them in no time and all seemed to be having a ball.

Chad and I snuck back out for a date night of dinner and a movie.


The kids watched some movies and I believe had cereal for dinner. There was a lot to discuss, on the top of the list was our time line and where we think we would like to go next. I know, it feels like we just got here. But, we have one month until we need to be nailing down our next job and giving our thirty days notice on our current apartment. This month has flown by.

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