Chill day

We slept in a little bit. Caleb got his math done and we still aren’t sure what happened to Hannah’s math book. We couldn’t find it at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s and I had stacked it on top of the kindles which had made it to the car so we assumed the math book had to but we have not been able to find it. We had breakfast and coffee then I cut Chads hair. We slowly cycled through the shower. Then took my time card by the hospital and talked to the manager. She was cheery, I must be doing an ok job. Walmart was our next stop. The kids and I picked out stocking stuffers for Chad while he picked out their Christmas presents and went grocery shopping. Then we combined the carts and I continued shopping for the kids stocking stuffers while Chad took the kids to get some lunch. It took a good chunk of the middle of the day. We got home just before three so the kids headed out to meet friends and play and Chad and I worked on our Christmas puzzle. He got a 1000 piece jelly bean puzzle it isn’t as enjoyable as one with a picture on it, but we are getting somewhere at least. When it got dark the kids came in and we ate potato tacos and watched tiny house building documentaries and YouTube videos. I am feeling more recouped although I didn’t get anything very productive done today. Only two more night shifts until Christmas.

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