Beautiful Trek out of the Highlands for More Time with Great Grandma & Great Grandpa



IMG_0004.JPG We are enjoying the contrast between the high dessert and mountains of Southern California
And our last assignment flat busting with foliage and lakes around every bend Wisconsin. Silhouettes of crazy yucca trees and prickly pear remind us of New Mexico but somehow less dry feeling. The hour and forty minute drive was so quick with so much attention demanded by the changing scenery and my reeling mind.
We sure missed making it to Cyrus’ cow birthday party. Thank you for the pictures.

IMG_0007.JPG. I would like to get the whole story on this photo.

IMG_0008.JPG We (my family) lived on a dairy farm growing up, instead of names (due to number of head) the cows were tagged in the ear with a number. Thee infamous 262 was more like a pet and we would ride her, some times three kids at a time. So this picture makes me laugh and wonder if it was dad’s idea or if one of the girls (my sisters) planted this particular marking on the sly. If so, know you made my day, I’m dying to hear the story. We arrived at grandma and grandpa’s house in the day light, met the neighbor kid and his mom who came over to see our “little” dog. Caleb and Hannah enjoyed the shelf of books in the garage which has been renamed the Library of Grandma and Grandpa. The plate tacos for dinner were a big hit. Grandpa sat on the floor with the kids. The table being taken up with the makings for twenty gingerbread houses.

Grandpa and I walked Myra and I got to see his neighborhood improvement project though in the dark. The Chargers game wasn’t going as well as hoped so we enjoyed the I love Lucy Christmas special. The kids especially Caleb enjoyed that tremendously, how can you not love Lucy in those shows. Grandma got some cuddles. I’m pretty sure Eve was eating it up too.

IMG_0014.JPG a little toilet flooding incident made for a memorable end to our evening. Now after two cups of caffeinated coffee I’m going to try to go to sleep. Can’t say that was well thought out or well played. Between that and being on a night shift schedule I ought to be counting a lot of sheep tonight either that or making plans to conquer the world, no,counting sheep I don’t have the energy to be too ambitious.

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