Car Adventures

About two days ago when Chad was opening the drivers side door he felt something let go in the handle. It was a little inconvenient to open the back door to open the latch for the front door, but definitely livable until we could get it somewhere we can take the door panel off and fix it. Last night as I drove up to the badge scanner at the employee parking lot entrance I thought nothing of putting down the window to scan my badge. You could hear something dragging and scratching in the door and the window would only go half way down. Not far enough to reach the scanner. So, of course, I tried to open the door to reach the scanner and the door wouldn’t open from the inside. The lock wouldn’t unlock past half way. I felt trapped. I tried it again. Then I climbed out over the passenger seat not thinking I walked around the car. Before I scanned my badge I thought now if I scan my badge that will lift the arm of the gate. Could I get in the car fast enough to move it before the arm came back down, and if I did I would have to do the same thing in the morning with a whole line of day shifters behind me watching this Oregonian scramble around the car and into the passenger door to the drivers seat. Hmmm. I don’t think I’m going to park on the employee parking lot. So glad I was early and there wasn’t a line of cars behind me now watching this drama unfold. I backed out and around and parked in front of the birth center. Not wanting to have to be buzzed into the front door (your on camera and a nurse inside often asks why you are there before pushing the button), I walked all the way around to the employee entrance. I had called Chad to let him know what happened but really there was nothing he could do to help except let me vent. I had a preciping pt and my first delivery which was a really fabulous experience. The doctor was pleasant to work with and not way over interventive. The staff members make a good team with another nurse (in this case two) and a tech (and student) in the room it was quick and seamless. So, I mostly forgot my car problems. This morning as I climbed over into the drivers seat I thought about my Valerie from Farmington NM. This was much like a few car adventures I had with her when we were car pooling, my transmission, her convertible top, and other fun adventures I can’t exactly remember at the moment. I reached for my phone to text Valerie and it said no service…I made it home with out the GPS (an act of God) and my phone still said no service I couldn’t turn it off and back on because the power button has been broken for 3-4 months. So, I just plugged in my not working phone and went to bed. Chad Had good news when I woke up this afternoon. He got the window so it will go up and down all the way so I can park in employee parking, I will still have to climb over into the drivers seat from the passengers seat for another day or two, but that I can work with. And my new phone came in the mail. Yay! Although now my old one is at least showing a connection and I can up date you all and text my Valerie… I think she will still appreciate my car situation.

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