First day at Desert Valley

I may need a few more days to really figure out what I’ve gotten myself into. I didn’t get any kind of schedule just directions to report to HR at 8:00AM and that seemed unsure then was changed to L&D at 9:00AM. All this was through a series of texts and nothing from the hospital it’s self. Well somehow in the series of texts I got the new meeting time of 9:00 but understood that I was to go to HR then to L&D.
Chad dropped me off at the hospital he needed the car for shopping for groceries and other must haves like shower curtains and lamps (the only rooms with ceiling lights are the kitchen/dining room and the bathrooms). Before Chad was even out of the parking lot I had called him back to pick me up. With a confused look on his face he pulled back around to the main entrance. HR was in a different building not on campus. At HR they weren’t expecting me and weren’t sure what to do with me. After sitting a while in the waiting room seats outside of HR I text my recruiter and discovered I had missed something in our evening conversation the day before. Oh great, I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t care about the unit or the job, being punctual or reliable. They finally let me go with a parking pass I’m going to have to go to work a little early tonight to figure that part out. I was instructed specifically to go to the heart center to meet the manager, “the heart center not L&D” I clarified, “are you sure”. Yes they were so hesitantly I had Chad drop me back off at the heart center. At the heart center they looked at me cross eyed when I asked about the L&D manager. They called her and she said to meet her in L&D. I was so frustrated and kind of embarrassed. I would have gone straight to L&D, but I was told to go to the heart center. I was given directions to drive around to the birth center entrance and the manager would meet me there, but I didn’t have a car so I asked for directions through the hospital. You have to have a name badge to open every door there were three locked badge needed doors that people had to let me in and a security guard to get through. She asked if I worked here, I said I will as soon as I can find the manager. The manager wasn’t in her office, she wasn’t in the nursery, she wasn’t at the front desk, they have to push a button for the door to the waiting room to open so I could go to the birthplace entrance to make sure she wasn’t waiting for me out there. She wasn’t. Then I had to sit in the waiting room for a short whole before someone came to the front desk to open the door for me to get back in the unit. I stood at the desk a while before she came around. She got some information from me like my telephone number and email. Then took me to admin. to sign confidentiality papers, show proof of flu shot, and get a tour of the hospital. It is a most confusing floor plan and you have to have a name badge to even work the elevator. I hoped we would eventually get on that today, besides feeling dumb wearing scrubs and no name badge, I was pretty much trapped anywhere I might go. In order to get a pixis access code I had to prove I new how to use it, but you can’t prove you know how to use it unless you have a code. So instead of taking me to pharmacy to get my med access code at the end of the hospital tour like the manager asked they took me back to the unit. I had been told who I would shadow, but instead of listening to me the people at the front desk called the manager in a meeting to ask who I would shadow and low and behold it was the very person I told them. I hope the manager doesn’t think I forgot or I’m asking these people all day to be calling her when I knew better than to go to the heart center but was trying to follow directions, and when I remembered who she said to orient with but they wanted to double check. Orienting with a nurse who had recently come back to nursing after a recent 5 year hiatus to take care of a sick child was a whole other experience. She had two labors both wanting epidurals at exactly the same time. It made me wonder what I am in for. The manger came back from her meeting and signed my pixis competence sheet even though she couldn’t test me on all the items on the checklist. A CNA walked me down to the pharmacy to get signed off by the pharmacist. We returned to the unit where I logged on and changed my password and recorded my fingerprints. I also tested my meditech login and changed the password as well as centricity (charting programs). I still needed access to the omnicell/pixis system in the clean utility. We had been calling all day for that one and no one had come. Chad was picking me up soon I had to go back down to HR to get and get my name badge finally. They never came. We can get that one done on nights though supposedly. Chad picked me up at 4:00PM and drove me down to HR, they were expecting me this time.
I emerged 18 min. later with an ID badge in hand. So glad that I would not be coming back until night shift the following day. I wasn’t even there a whole eight hours but I was worn out.

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