Sherman Family Reunion 2014

We have been looking forward to today 11/22/14 for at least two months, ever since a date was set. Holiday is a time for family and we have been so blessed with a big family.
My grandparents had seven children and all though they are no longer with us we have several new generations to get to know and celebrate with. Also it was the first time in months to see my sisters and father. The food was great, the hugs were better, but the best part was looking around the room seeing smiles and hearing laughter at every table. Two of my uncles must be major kid magnets, it made me smile to see all the kids congregate at their table.






Aunt Peggy was Eve’s favorite of all grandmas. I don’t think she minded the attention but it was funny when it was over as Eve was not interested in letting her leave with out her.


We weren’t missing any of the second generation. I think we were only missing a few of the first cousins and more second cousins than I would have expected.




All the kids gathered around Aunt Diane just like we were when I was that age.

On the way out we had to have a mini snowball fight.


The much anticipated four hours passed too quickly of course. Thank you so much everyone for coming. We love you all, it was so good to be together.

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