Leaving no trace behind.

Packing up everything and fitting it in the car seems like a bigger process this time. Maybe because we have to pack up our furniture too, or because Chad is having to do most of it himself with me finishing this contract with a three on one off three on schedule. We leave in about twenty four hours and really all that is left to do is clean our apartment and load the car. Or maybe it’s load the car and clean the apartment. One wall of the living room is lined with vacuum seal bags filled with clothes, bedding, and stuffed animals. There are a stack of tubs on another wall. The vacuum and kids’ backpacks take up space in the middle. The kids room is completely empty.

The bathroom cupboards are bare.

When I got out of bed yesterday afternoon, I hopped in the shower and in the time it took me to get ready for work our bed got deflated and a plan was made for me to sleep in the kids room on the floor in a sleeping bag today so everything else could get picked up and cleaned (since their room is already done).

I haven’t even made it home yet to sleep for the day and I’m already looking forward to sleeping in the car. Maybe because I will know we are on our way home, maybe because the packing will be done and all we can really do is rest…a forced break.

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